Safety Assurance

…to meet ethical and legal obligations

Society demands that railways are safe. However, railways are highly complex systems which are reliant on designers, suppliers, operators and regulators working together to deliver safe and efficient rail services.


Rail Safety & Systems Assurance works with safety regulators to develop Safety Strategies and Regulatory Frameworks that ensure the rail industry understands and meets its safety responsibilities.


These frameworks include:

  • Reactive elements, e.g. accident and incident investigation
  • Proactive elements, e.g. safety reporting, audits and surveys
  • Predictive elements, e.g. monitoring accident pre-cursors


We also work with industry by helping to develop and implement effective Safety Management Systems that ensure regulatory compliance and enable the organization to understand and manage its safety risks. The disciplines needed to ensure safety also ensure good operational performance.


It is our firm belief that a safe railway is also a high performing railway.