Company Overview

Excellent reputations in the rail industry

Alistair Kennedy


Private Limited Company registered in the United Kingdom (Company Number 8657956). Established by Alistair Kennedy who has over 30 years experience in the rail industry, strategic risk management and safety regulation.


We have earned a reputation for a practical, ‘no nonsense’ approach to safety that relies upon risk-based techniques combined with clear and agreed safety acceptance criteria.


Our philosophy and approach is particularly important in countries that have limited rail industry experience and need to quickly establish a fit-for-purpose approach to safety management/regulation based on sound principles and international best-practice.

Your Assurance

Rail Safety & Systems Assurance and its staff have, over many years, established excellent reputations in the rail industry. To protect our reputations, as individuals and as a company, we make the following promises to our clients.


Our staff will always…

Adhere to our Code of Conduct

Have expert knowledge of the areas in which they work

Share our values and philosophy for safety and systems assurance

Actively seek and act on feedback from clients throughout assignments